Chroma 61500 Series Programmable AC Source

Chroma 61500 Series Programmable AC Source




  • Output Rating :
    Power :
    500VA (61501),
    1000VA (61502),
    1500VA (61503),
    2000VA (61504),
    4000VA (61505)
    Voltage range:
  • Compact size and weight attributable to advance PWM technology
  • AC+DC output mode for voltage DC offset simulation
  • Programmable slew rate setting for changing voltage and frequency
  • Low output impedance for testing IEC 61000-3-2 ( 61505 )
  • Programmable output impedance for testing IEC 61000-3-3
  • LIST, PULSE, STEP mode function for testing power line disturbance (PLD) simulation capability
  • IEC 61000-4-11 voltage dips, short and variation simulation
  • Harmonics, inter-harmonics waveform synthesizer for testing IEC 61000-4-13
  • Programmable voltage, current limit
  • Comprehensive measurement capability,including current harmonics
  • High output current crest factor, ideal for inrush current testing
  • Turn on, turn off phase angle control
  • TTL signal which indicates output transient
  • Analog programmable interface
  • 3 units combined to 3-phase power output
  • Easy-use software for operation and IEC regulation test
  • Optional GPIB and RS-232 interface

The 61500 series AC power source defines new standard for high performance AC power source. It equips with all the powerful features. Such as power line disturbance simulation, programmable output impedance, comprehensive measurement function , wave-shape synthesis and regulation test software. Chroma also provides a software for aerospace testing, including MIL-S
The 61500 series line up from 500VA up to 36KVA, one or three phase output. This allows user to have maximum choices form R/D design verification, quality assurance, to production testing. ,>

Using the state-of-the-art PWM technology, the Chroma 61500 AC source is capable of delivering up to 6 times of peak current (Model 61501~61505) verses to its maximum rated current which makes it ideal for inrush current testing.

By using advanced DSP technology, 61500 AC power source offers precision and high speed power and harmonics measurements such as RMS voltage, RMS current, true power, power factor, current crest factor and up to 40 orders of current harmonics components.

The 61500 AC power source allows users to compose different harmonic components to synthesize your own harmonic distorted wave-shapes. The DC and AC+DC mode also extend the applications to simulate the natural waveform, Chroma 61500 also provides an external analog input, to amplify the analog signal from arbitrary signal generator. Thus, it is capable to simulate the unique waveform observed in the field.

With the versatile programmable output impedance and regulation test software, the 61500 AC power source allows users to perform Pre-compliance and compliance test against IEC 61000-4-11/-4-1 3/-4-14/-4-28 immunity test regulations and IEC 61000-3-2/-3-3 emission test regulations by incorporating Chroma 6630 power analyzer.

The 61511/61512/61611/61612 AC source models provide the (Master-Slave) parallel operation function, which enable users to extend the AC source power output ability by connecting AC sources in parallel. The maximum allowable number of AC source implemented for the parallel operation is 5 units. Therefore, users can achieve a maximum power output up to 90KVA by combining 5 units of assorted AC source of 18KVA in (Master-Slave) parallel operation mode. The user could also use A615103 Power Stage as an alternative cost effective solution for the parallel operation, by implementing it as slave unit. Please refer to the following figures for AC source models 61511/61512/61611/61612 setup for parallel operation configuration.


Users can set the slew rate of voltage and frequency. It will follow the slew rate to reach the final setting when the output voltage or frequency is changed. This function can help the users to verify the operation range of input power.

Chroma 61500 series provides powerful functions to simulate all kinds of power line disturbance conditions. The STEP and PULSE modes offer a method to execute a single step or continuous output changes. The LIST Mode, up to 100 sequences, extends this function for more complex waveform generator needs. In this way, 61500 series is capable of simulating all sorts of voltage dips, cycle dropout, transient spike, brown out for IEC 61000-4-11 pre-compliance test and IEC61000-4-14 and IEC61000-4-28 compliance tests.

Chroma 61500 series allows users to composite up to 40 orders of harmonic components for synthesizing a distorted voltage waveform with SYNTHESIS function. It also provides INTERHARMONIC function for programming sweeping interhamonics component from 0.01Hz to 2.4KHz. It can help to find the resonance or the weakest points of UUT. It is capable of generating a periodic harmonic and non-periodic harmonic distorted waveform to perform IEC61000-4-13 compliance test.

61500 series AC source provides a 3-PHASE mode to let users connect 3 units for 3-phase output application. The Master unit will keep on Fixed mode and send a signal for synchronizing Slaves. Users can connect 2 units of 61500 in series and set the phase angle to zero (see figure) in 3-PHASE mode. In this way, users can program a 220V/0.5sec superimposed on 230V to get a 450V transient voltage easily.

61500 Series provides a graphic control software. It can help users to run all functions easily. It also includes IEC test standards and a report function for recording measurement data for a period of time in a file.

61500 series can be used to test aircraft electrical equipment. Chroma also provides software for AC power part test of standard RTCA DO-160D , MIL-STD-704F and ABD0100.