ECG-Kokusai DWX-01, DWX-05, DWX-10 Digital Impulse Winding Tester

ECG-Kokusai DWX-01, DWX-05, DWX-10 Digital Impulse Winding Tester



  • Innovative tester that offers new solution for low inductance coil test
  • Advanced technology allows a complete waveform and partial discharge observation by the resistive voltage divider
  • High sampling rate of 100MHz delivers highly sensitive and precise test
  • Partial discharge amount calculated by the Laplacian method is displayed clearly in separate sub-window
  • The 8.4-inch color TFT LCD screen clearly displays the waveform and is easy to view
  • Combination of proven Area, Dif. Area and Flutter comparison methods can be selected to perform the layer short test
  • Compact flash memory device offers unlimited memory of the master data
  • Printing of the screen hard copy can be made easily through the Centronics printer port
  • Various operations become much easier with the rotary dial and the menu display through the icon button
  • Optional Ethernet adaptor enables the DWX's remote control operation through LAN connection
  • DWX unit is compact, durable and weighs only 10 Kg

With the advanced requirement of miniaturization and high frequency technology of coil production, the DWX tester is designed to test other coils and low inductance coils used in high-end electronic components. Through the use of impulse power source with high-speed switch, highly efficient input circuit, and high-speed A/D sampling circuit, the DWX tester can offer a new solution to the low inductance coil tests.

MODELS Applied Voltage Step Energy (At 1kOhm Resistive Load)
DWX-01 50V - 1000V 10V Step Max 5 mill-Joule
DWX-05 500V - 5000V 100V Step Max 0.12 Joules
DWX-10 1000V - 10000V 200V Step Max 0.5 Joules