IET Labs SRX/SRC Series Economical Resistance Standard




SRX/SRC Series Economical Resistance Standard

  • Wide range of values - 1 mΩ to 10 TΩ
  • Very stable - up to 10 ppm/yr
  • ISO-17025 Accredited Calibration Included
  • 3 Year Warranty Included
  • Excellent TC - as low as 1 ppm/°C
  • Excellent choice for a resistance standard to calibrate DMM's, Micro-Ohmmeters and Megohmmeters
  • In addition to the standard values, any custom value is available.  Please contact the IET sales department, for more information
  • Combination of multiple resistors in a single housing is available

SRX/SRA Series
Designed for use as a reference or working standard in industrial, research, and education laboratories.

SRC Series
Economical high resistance, high voltage standards for applications requiring values up to 10 Tohm SRC. Maximum voltage: 5000V