PMM 9010/30P EMI Measuring Receiver & Analyzer 10Hz ~ 3GHz

PMM 9010/30P EMI Measuring Receiver & Analyzer 10Hz ~ 3GHz

PMM 9010/30P is an EMI receiver to measure conducted and radiated interferences from 10 Hz 3 GHz.

The 9010/30P is Full Compliance up to 30 MHz (A and B band) and Pre-Compliance 30 MHz up to 3 GHz (CDE bands).

All measurements performed by the PMM 9010/03P/30P are according to the most accepted standards like: IEC, CISPR, EN (EuroNorm), FCC, VDE, ….
Thanks to its built-in tracking generator up to 30MHz the PMM 9010/03P/30P is also suitable for designing, characterizing and testing RF filters, transducers and other components.

The PMM 9010/30P has been designed adopting an innovative philosophy made possible only in the recent years by the availability of superior technology components. This equipment is fully digital but the input preselector and attenuator – and, of course, the output stage of the internal reference tracking generator - and therefore combines into a pure EMI Receiver and Signal Analyzer the precision and accuracy of a numeric approach, with flexibility and user friendly approach typical of a modern instrument.

• Full CISPR 16-1-1 compliant 9 kHz - 30 MHz
CISPR 16-1-1 compliant RBW & Detectors 30 MHz - 3 GHz
• Field upgrade to 3 & 6 GHz full CISPR 16-1-1 compliant
• Built-in automatic test routines
• Spectrum analyzer mode for debugging
• Mostly maintenance and calibration-free
• Compact, lightweight, battery operated
• Powerful PC software included
• Compatible with most common EMC Software
• Accredited calibration
• Ideal for tests according to CISPR 11, 12, 13, 14-1, 15, 22, 25,EN 55011, 55012, 55013, 55014-1, 55015, 55022, 55025,MIL-STD