PMM 9010F EMI/EMC Receiver (Fast) 10Hz ~ 30MHz



PMM 9010F EMI/EMC Receiver, new "Fast" version (10 Hz ~ 30MHz)

The new EMI Receiver PMM 9010F is based on very advanced analog to digital conversion and data processing technology that applies the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) frequency spectrum analysis in full compliance with all the tests required by the standard CISPR 16-1-1. Same modular construction, compact size and low power consumption of the other renowned models in PMM’s Digital Receiv- ers family: PMM 9010, 9010/03P, 9010/30P.

Main characteristics

  • Frequency range: 10 Hz – 30 MHz, expandable to 3/6/18 GHz by the external modules 9030, 9060, 9180
  • Very low noise floor:  < -24 dBµV in band A, < -7 dBµV in band B
  • Multi-band preselector
  • All CISPR detectors, simultaneous
  • State-of-art digital technology
  • CISPR RBW filters: 200 Hz, 9 KHz (120 kHz, 1 MHz when in conjunction with the external modules)
  • 6 dB RBW filters: 1 – 3 – 10 – 30 – 100 kHz

Performances examples

  • Analyzer mode, frequency span 30 MHz
    • Real time with RBW = 300 kHz
    • With Hold time 1 s:     sweep time = 1 s  
    • With Hold time 50 ms:     sweep time = 1 s  
    • Gapless with RBW = 10 kHz & 9 kHz
    • 300 times faster than 9010 “standard”!
  • Scan/sweep mode, frequency band 9 kHz - 30 MHz
    • Scan time of less 25 second in full CISPR compliance:
      • CISPR RBW: 200 Hz, 9 KHz
      • CISPR detectors: all
      • Hold time: 1 second
      • Preselector: ON


9010F allows for exclusive advantages:

  • When measuring the conducted disturbances of such EUT not able to run all the test time long: various appliances, electric tools, toys, machinery… The 9010F avoid needing to make pre-tests and partial final tests by performing the complete test in seconds instead.
  • In test houses the 9010F cuts the conducted emission test time down nearly to zero: the set-up is available for more tests thus increasing the laboratory productivity.
  • On-site measurements of overhead lines PLT signals interference to radio communication can be done much faster – not negligible when line voltage is of half a MV or so! (RA-01HV antenna recommended)