PMM BC-01 Biconical Antenna 30 ~ 200MHz

PMM BC-01 Biconical Antenna 30 ~ 200MHz

PMM BC-01 is a biconical antenna designed for application in radiated EMC. It can be used in conjunction with any Receiver or Spectrum Analyzer.
Its ideal companion is the EMI Receiver Unit PMM 9030 that can be easily mounted on the antenna mast (*).

Also available in portable,convenient Antenna Sets

AS-02 (30 MHz - 3 GHz) including the Antenna models BC-01 & LP-02.
AS-03 (30 MHz - 6 GHz) including the Antenna models BC-01, LP-02 & LP-03.

(*) The direct connection between Antenna and Receiver Unit PMM 9030 eliminates additional sources of uncertainties due to coaxial cable attenuation and scattering. For further information, please refer to brochure "Fully CISPR-Compliant Digital EMC/ EMI receivers 10Hz ~ 6GHz". 

Frequency Range 30-200MHz
Impedance 50 Ohm nominal
Connector Type N (F)
Antenna Factor 8/14 dB typ @ 10m
Max. Input Power 100W
Construction Aluminium
Finishing RAL 7035
Mounting Tripod adapter, supplied
Dimensions W x L x H (137 x 65 x 65) cm
Weight 1.8 Kg