Terchy MHK Series Programmable Temperature/Humidity Chamber (K type)



MHK Series Programmable Temperature/Humidity Chamber (K type)

Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber provides a wide range of industries including electronic parts such as semiconductors and printed circuit boards, electronic components, automobile parts and products, notebook and etc..

Control Mode and Features
Microcomputer stepless refrigerant flow servo control temperature and humidity save energy system is regulated by the highly precision computer and refrigerant system. The flow of refrigerant is controlled by the PID and Fuzzy. The K type temperature and humidity chamber is stable, low energy consumption and environment-friendly.

Compare with former chambers

  • Water consumption: Saving 80%
  • The time of chamber reaction: Saving 50%
  • Power saving: Saving power about 45% on average than the former models (max 70%)
  • Noise: about 60dB (Measured at one meter away from the front of the chamber and the background noise 50dB)