Venable 6320, 2CH - 20MHz Frequency Response Analyzer



6320 - 2CH, 20MHz Frequency Response Analyzer

The Venable Model 6320 Frequency Response Analyzer combines the latest analog and digital technology with advanced DSP to provide versatile test and analysis functions. This single, comprehensive hardware and software system performs many sophisticated test functions and boasts an expanded bandwidth of 10μHz to 20MHz along with 2 input channels protected to 600 Vpk.

Venable’s renowned K-Factor based software, is now known as Stability Analysis™ v5.0. The 6320 is your most complete, accurate and easy to use system for phase/gain and impedance measurements. Operating through the industry standard IEEE-488 interface, the Venable system imports/exports to MATLABTM and Excel™ and saves Bode/Impedance Plots in .jpeg for use in presentation graphics software or .ven file format for number crunching off-line.